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Unlock Limitless Power with Our Charging Station Rental Service

At business events, productivity is key, and having access to a reliable charging solution is not just a convenience but a necessity. Imagine your conference attendees seamlessly connecting, collaborating, and engaging without worrying about dwindling device power.

We are committed to taking your events to the next level. In today’s rapidly evolving world, staying connected and having a reliable power source is more important than ever. While our mobile charging stations take care of personal devices, we take it a step further to enhance your business conference experiences with our tablet and laptop charging station rentals.

Moreover, our charging stations are designed with a central locking system using PIN code safety features to protect your valuable devices. This means you can focus on the event content, networking, and achieving your business objectives without worrying about device security.

charging station rental

Laptop and Tablet Charging Station

The advantages of our charging station rentals extend beyond the practicalities. They enhance the overall event experience, keeping attendees engaged and ensuring that they get the most out of every moment. From hassle-free presentations to spontaneous discussions, having fully charged laptops and tablets at your fingertips empowers your attendees to make the most of your event.

Our 12 bay charging locker features:

  • 12 individually lockable compartments
  • Charge laptop, tablet and mobile
  • 1x power socket + 1 USB-C port & mobile charging cable
  • Central locking system
  • Touch screen locking system
  • 4 digit PIN code
  • LED light in every bay
  • English and Arabic


Energize Your Event Branding

ME Iron & Steel 2024
Laptop and Tablet Charging Locker For Events
Elixier 12 -WCA First 2024 Locker
Laptop locker WCA First 2024 Locker 2
WCA First 2024 Locker – DWTC
Mobile Charging Station With Branding – Etihad Arena

Here is how we can elevate your events:

Crowd Attraction

Our charging stations draw attendees like a magnet.
With eye-catching custom branding, they not only power up devices but also showcase your sponsors and event visuals, creating a buzz that’s hard to ignore.

Proximity Marketing

Get your message front and centre with close proximity marketing. Our stations offer a unique space to deliver your brand message, promotions, or important event information directly to attendees as they charge their phones.

Sponsorship Showcase

Imagine giving your sponsors a prominent platform to shine. Our stations offer a unique opportunity for sponsors to get the spotlight they deserve. Whether through branded charging screens, promotional materials, or exclusive sponsorship zones, you can create compelling, revenue-generating partnerships that enhance the overall event experience.

Happy Attendees

Say goodbye to low battery anxieties! By providing easy access to charging stations, you ensure your attendees stay connected and engaged throughout the event, leading to increased satisfaction and longer footfall.

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In a world where connections and knowledge-sharing are crucial, having accessible and secure charging stations can make all the difference. With our solutions, you not only provide a valuable service to your attendees but also contribute to the success and seamless flow of your business events.

As your trusted event partner, we proudly serve all of the UAE, providing fast and reliable services. Our commitment to exceptional customer support ensures that you’re not just getting a charging solution; you’re getting a seamless and stress-free experience. Contact us today and discover how we can power your events to success!