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Mobile Charging Station Rental:

Our Mobile Charging Station Rental Service is your ultimate power solution for events across the UAE. We understand that staying charged is crucial, especially during events. That’s why we offer versatile rental options to cater to all types of gatherings and occasions across the United Arab Emirates. With our charging stations, your event attendees can stay connected and powered up, ensuring their devices are ready for action. Keep the energy flowing at your next event with our convenient charging solutions!

Whether it’s a small conference, a bustling trade show, or a large-scale festival, we have the perfect mobile charging station solution for you.

Choose from a range of options that suit your event’s needs:

event mobile charging table

Event Mobile Charging Table

Introducing our innovative round Mobile Charging Table. A unique addition to your event that seamlessly combines style, function, and 350° brand exposure.

Our Mobile Charging Table creates a natural gathering spot, encouraging interaction and fostering valuable connections among your event visitors.

Your sponsors’ logos and messages will be prominently displayed on all sides of our mobile charging tables, soaking in the spotlight throughout the event

mobile charging station rental

Mobile Charging Locker

We offer just the right solution for every event. Stand-alone mobile charging locker. This sleek and modern charging station not only ensures the security of devices but also features a custom branding space, adding an elegant touch to your event.

Boost Your Event Marketing

Event sponsors love new ideas which maximize their brand exposure during events.

How about if we can bring the crowd right infront of their brand? Our custom branded event mobile charging station will attract the crowd like a magnet.

Forget boring booths, become the unforgettable brand that saves the day (and their battery)!

Here’s how your sponsors win:

  • Targeted Engagement: Reach their ideal audience directly at events they care about, fostering meaningful connections with potential customers.
  • Become the Charging Hero: No more dead batteries, frustrated attendees, or missed connections. Sponsors will be the heroes by providing a convenient and life-saving charging solution.
GTR MENA 2024 – Mobile Charging Table 33
GTR MENA 2024 – Mobile Charging Tables
GTR MENA 2024 – Mobile Charging Tables 2
Desert Party
Desert 2
Charging Tables – AD Sport Champion
Desert 3
ME Iron & Steel 2024
Elixier 12 -WCA First 2024 Locker
WCA First 2024 Locker – DWTC

Here is how we can help you enhance your events experience.

Crowd Attraction

Our mobile charging stations draw attendees like a magnet.
With eye-catching custom branding, they not only power up devices but also showcase your sponsors and event visuals, creating a buzz that’s hard to ignore.

Proximity Marketing

Get your message front and centre with close proximity marketing. Our stations offer a unique space to deliver your brand message, promotions, or important event information directly to attendees as they charge their phones.

Sponsorship Showcase

Imagine giving your sponsors a prominent platform to shine. Our stations offer a unique opportunity for sponsors to get the spotlight they deserve. Whether through branded charging screens, promotional materials, or exclusive sponsorship zones, you can create compelling, revenue-generating partnerships that enhance the overall event experience.

Happy Attendees

Say goodbye to low battery anxieties! By providing easy access to charging stations, you ensure your attendees stay connected and engaged throughout the event, leading to increased satisfaction and longer footfall.


We all agree that a great event is about the connections you make and the people you meet.
Read our article to discover how our mobile charging tables create natural gathering spots, enhancing networking at your event. 

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Let’s discuss how our mobile charging stations rental service can be the game-changer for your upcoming events. We’re excited to explore the boundless branding possibilities and how we can craft unique sponsorship experiences that benefit both your brand and your sponsors.

As your trusted event partner, we proudly serve all of the UAE, providing fast and reliable services. Our commitment to exceptional customer support ensures that you’re not just getting a charging solution; you’re getting a seamless and stress-free experience. Contact us today and discover how we can power your events to success!